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Siemens Amira - 1.5T 24CH YOM: 2016

Availability: Available

Product Information - 76/22

Part Number


Equivalent Part Numbers
Serial Number 174751
Manufacturer Siemens
YOM 2016
Availability Available



Location Poland

Technical Details - Amira

Channels 24
Field strength in tesla 1.5
Magnet type Superconducting
Helium consumption zero boil off
Bore size in cm 60
Min room size in m2 28
Software packages OperatingUpdate_OU09_F3 (OU09) OperatingUpdate_OU05_F5 (OU05) OperatingUpdate_OU10_F1 (OU10) OperatingUpdate_OU13_F2 (OU013 - Savelog fixes) OperatingUpdate_OU06_F4 (OU06 revB) SecurityDelivery_SD05_F3 (SD05) N4_VE11N_FEATURE_20160601_SP03_F2 (SP03) SecurityUpdate_SU28_F2 (SU28) N4_VE11N_FEATURE_20151111_SP02_F2 (SP02) N4_SECURITY_UPDATE_0025_REVB (SU25_revB) N4_VE11N_FEATURE_20150703_SP01_F3 (SP01) N4_VE11N_LATEST_20150530_P2 N4_VE11N_LATEST_20150530 syngo VH21A_SL36P43 COEM VZ10D_SL02P02 Software Options: Tim Application Suite Angio Suite Cardiac Suite Neuro Suite Body Suite Onco Suite Ortho Suite Quiet Suite Breast Suite Scientific Suite syngo General License 3D Usage License 3D MPR (Volume of Interest) 3D MIP 3D SSD Argus Viewer Worklist PhoenixZIP Optimized Protocols for EC syngo Remote Assist CISS & DESS iPAT Extensions Motion corretion NR Additional option: XF_Gradients Matrix Mode Image Filter Software MPPS Inline 3D Distortion Correction MDDW Morpho Quality Control Inline Diffusion BLADE TGSE Dot Engine Basic Brain Dot Engine AutoAlign Head LS Fast Dixon Composing Inline Perfusion SWI TWIST Native AutoAlign Knee Auto Bolus Detection Abdomen Dot Engine Knee Dot Engine Neuro Perfusion Local AIF Additional option: Channels_24 Hip Dot Engine Shoulder Dot Engine AutoAlign Shoulder Auto Align Hip RESOLVE Advanced WARP Twist VIBE StarVIBE MyoMaps