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Siemens Espree - 1.5T 18CH YOM: 2013

Availability: Available

Product Information - 44/22

Part Number


Equivalent Part Numbers
Serial Number 31337
Manufacturer Siemens
YOM 2013
Availability Available




Location Poland

Technical Details - Espree

Channels 18
Field strength in tesla 1.5
Mri type short bore
Magnet type -
Helium consumption zero boil off
Fov in cm 50
Bore size in cm 70
Min room size in m2 20
Upgrade -
Software packages iPAT Extensions Inline Diffusion CISS & DESS BLADE I-class Optimized Protocols for EC Phoenix ZIP syngo Remote Assist Inline 3D Distortion Correction Image Filter Software MPPS 3D Distortion Corretion MAGENTOM Espree Pediatric Suite Breast Suite Scientific Suite syngo General License Matrix Mode 3D Usage License 3D MPR 3D MIP Onco Suite Ortho Suite Cardiac Suite Angio Suite Body Suite Neuro Suite Tim Application Suite Software packages: MR_MR032-11-R_TM105Up01 N4_SECURITY_UPDATE_0024_20140505 (includes SecU0021 and SecU___) N4_VB17_FEATURE20111025_SH12_F1 (SH12) MR_MR018-17-S_N4SecU0028 MR_MR023-17-R_N4SecU0029 NA_AR_2011_2 MR_MR005-10-R_SynGo20201 N4_VB17A_FEATURE_20111025_3RD_F4 (3RD) N4_VB17A_FEATURE_20101007_GCS_F8 (GCS) N4_VB17A_FEATURE_20101007_SH10_F1 (SH10) N4_VB17A_FEATURE_20101007_SH9_F1 (SH9) N4_VB17A_FEATURE_20101007_SH7_F1 (SH7) N4_VB17A_FEATURE_20101007_SH6_F2 (SH6) N4_VB17A_FEATURE_20101007_SH5_F2 (SH5) N4_VB17A_FEATURE_20100223_SP4_F6 (SP4) N4_VB17A_FEATURE_20100205_SP3_F2 (SP3 DVD2) N4_VB17A_FEATURE_20090623_SP3_F5 (SP3) N4_VB17A_LATEST_20090307_P10 (SP2) N4_VB17A_LATEST_20090307_P8 (SP1) N4_VB17A_FEATURE_20090623_FASTVIEW_F3 (syngo FastView VX5;... MR_MR058-11-R_N4SecU0021 MR_MR022-10-R_N4SecU0019 MR_MR010-10-R_N4SecU0018 Revison C N4_VB17A_LATEST_20090307 syngo VX79A [VE32D SL06P13] COEM VE30A