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Philips Achieva - 1.5T 8CH YOM: 2014

Availability: Available

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Product Information - 23-00417-MRI

Part Number

Equivalent Part Numbers
Serial Number 33569
Manufacturer Philips
YOM 2014
Availability Available




Technical Details - Achieva

Channels 8
Field strength in tesla 1.5
Magnet type Superconducting
Bore size in cm 60
Software packages Diffusion, MRA, Motion Correction Software Options: Basic SW IHE Workflow SMART-Scan brain 2D-VCG 6 RF Channels R2/R12 enhancements 8 RF Channels High SENSE Factors Extended FOV Keyhole DWI TE>TR Thrive Q-flow Contrast enh pref. Moving bed ima. Adv. moving bed ima. Adv peripheral angio Black blood prepulse Multivane Retrospective 3 Point Planscan Rescan Diffusion calc. Multi station view SR-max