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Siemens Definition AS 64 - 64 slices YOM: 2016 Straton MX P tube

Availability: Available

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Product Information - 23-00091-CT

Part Number

Equivalent Part Numbers
Serial Number 96204
Manufacturer Siemens
YOM 2016
Availability Available



Location Germany

Technical Details - Definition AS 64

Slices 64
System scan seconds 1616196
Tube Straton MX P
Tube scan seconds 994669
Software packages License Support-i (Key), SK Level 7 SIEMENS (2016), SW-Key 3D SSD, SW-Key 3D Volume, SW-Key Calcium Scoring, SW-Key CAP3D Editor, SW-Key CAP3D_MULTIMONITOR, SW-Key Cardio Pro, SW-Key CARDIO_RETRO, SW-Key CARE Bolus, SW-Key CARE_DOSE, SW-Key CARE_DOSE_ADJUST, SW-Key CARE_DOSE_AUTOKV, SW-Key CARE_DOSE_DASHBOARD, SW-Key CARE_DOSE_PROFILE, SW-Key CT Application, SW-Key CT-Multi-Monitor, SW-Key CTAPP_DUALENERGY_MONO_E, SW-Key CTAPP_FILTER_MIP, SW-Key DEFINITION_AS, SW-Key DE_SINGLE_SOURCE_RESEARCH, SW-Key DICOM SR, SW-Key HIS/RIS, SW-Key Injector Connection, SW-Key Injector Connection ROW, SW-Key MIP Image, SW-Key MPPS, SW-Key MPR, SW-Key Recon Spine Region, SW-Key RECON_iMAR, SW-Key RECON_ITERATIVE_STEP1, SW-Key SCAN_AUTOREGION, SW-Key SCAN_TILTEDSPIRAL, SW-Key slice configuration 64, SW-Key SYNGO, SW-Key UHR_PHI-COMB, SW-Key VOLTAGE_70KV, SW-Key Volume Rendering, SW-Key Volume Workflow
Software version VA84A-SP07