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Siemens Avanto Fit (4G) - 1.5T 48CH YOM: 2016

Availability: Sold

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Product Information - 23-00006-MR

Part Number


Equivalent Part Numbers
Serial Number 168002
Manufacturer Siemens
YOM 2016
Availability Sold



Location Poland

Technical Details - Avanto Fit (4G)

Channels 48
Field strength in tesla 1.5
Mri type long bore
Helium consumption zero boil off
Bore size in cm 60
Min room size in m2 28
Software packages COEM VZ10l_SL01P01 syngo VH22D_SL14P23_SD06 SecurityDelivery_SD05 SecurityDelivery_SD06 LUD_56187_VH22D LUD_56276_VH22D LUD_56812_VH22D VH22D_HF01_Beta1 N4_VE11E_LATEST_20181129 N4_VE11E_LATEST_20181129_P1 N4_VE11E_LATEST_20181129_P19 (SP01) OperatingUpdate_OU05_F5 (OU05) NumarisUpdate_OU11_F1 (FFTScale) SecurityDelivery_SD08_F14 (installed via SD11) SecurityDelivery_SD09_F2 (installed via SD11) SecurityDelivery_SD10_F2 installed via SD11) SecurityDelivery_SD11_F4 (SD11) N4_VE11E_LATEST_20181129_P26 (SP02) N4_VE11E_FEATURE_20181129_SH02_F3 (SH02) OperatingUpdate_OU13_F2 (OU13 - Savelog fixes) SecurityDelivery_SD12_F3 (installed via SD13 - ESU2) SecurityDelivery_SD13_F3 (SD13 - ESU2) OperatingUpdate_OU14_F4 (OU14 - syngo password store fix) SecurityDelivery_ESU3 (installed via SD14 - ESU3) SecurityDelivery_SD14_F3 (SD14 - ESU3)