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Siemens Symphony Tim - 1.5T 18CH YOM: 2012

Availability: Available

Product Information - 11/22

Part Number

Equivalent Part Numbers
Serial Number 37427
Manufacturer Siemens
YOM 2012
Availability Available





Technical Details - Symphony Tim

Channels 18
Field strength in tesla 1.5
Mri type ultracompact
Magnet type Superconducting, OR70TT
Helium consumption -
Fov in cm 50
Bore size in cm 60
Min room size in m2 20
Upgrade -
Software packages License Spectroscopy SV, LIC 3D MIP, LIC 3D SSD, LIC 3D VOLUME OF INTEREST, LIC 3D USAGE LICENCE, LIC WORKLIST, Lic. Argus Main, License ROW, License Spectroskopy PostP, License Advanced Functional Neuro, License MPPS, License MR Composer Spine, License Inline Diffusion, License Inline Perfusion, License Tim Application Suite, License Matrix Mode, License CISS / DESS, SYNGO_GENERAL_LICENSE V 43.1, Lic. 3D distortion correction key, Lic. Inline Composing, Lic. BLADE, Lic. Image Filter, License I-Class, License PhoenixZIP, Lic. Optimized Protocols for EC, License Support-i (Key), COEM VE10M_SL02P02, syngo VX91C_SL02P08, N4_VB19A_LATEST_20121201, MR_MR049-13-R_N4SecU0023, N4_SECURITY_UPDATE_0024_20140505 (includes SecU0021 and SecU0022_revB), N4_VB19A_LATEST_20121201_P1, N4_VB19A_LATEST_20121201_P5 (SP1), N4_VB19A_LATEST_20121201_P13 (SP2), N4_VB19A_LATEST_20130827_P19 (SP3), N4_VB19A_FEATURE_20140424_SH07_F3 (SH07), N4_OU_02_SYNGO_VX91C (OU02), N4_VB19A_LATEST_20140424_P14 (SP04), N4_VB19A_FEATURE_20160406_SH08_F2 (SH08), MR_MR018-17-S_N4SecU0028, N4_VB19A_FEATURE_20160406_SH09_F1 (SH09), MR_MR023-17-R_N4SecU0029